Born Ronald Louis Boozell in Southern California.
Moved to Bend November 1990.

Rondo is a US Navy Veteran, waited tables for over a dozen years, and for over a decade worked as a Credit & Collections Professional. Two years he owned and managed Central Oregon Collections. Among his varied experience in Sales, he worked for a phone book company selling yellow-page advertising. Before all that, for a couple years in high school, delivered papers at the start of every day.

He has been known to deliver a few cords of firewood to Central Oregon residents (aka woodchuck) and even worked on an Alaskan fishing boat as a fisherman and crew cook for a few months. Some will remember him as the Graveyard Shift Manager at Dennys.

He spent four years as a Volunteer at our Bend Community Radio Station. Half that time he was active on the Fundraising Committee. Chaired 20 local blood drives for the ARC.

Volunteered at Bend's Community Center, Board member for three years at PFLAG. President last year, when we celebrated winning Equal Marriage Rights for all! Served four years a few hours weekly at the Information Desk downstairs at City Hall.

He served on the Board of the Libertarian Party of Oregon for two years while also as the County Chair of the LPDC. Helped organize March-Against-Monsanto more than once, and was active during Occupy Wall Street.

Cannabis-decriminalization activist.

He seeks to bring a different perspective to the Bend City Council by proposing manageable, affordable, and sustainable growth to our city while taking special care to maintain the livability of Bend.
For everyone.