Platform & Mission Statement

If growth is prosperity, then growth
must prosper everyone in our city.

Make Bend better. Not necessarily bigger.

-FREE THE RIVER, demand dam accountability

-Solar on all new building with the goal for Bend
to become the 2nd net-zero energy city in US

-Trashwake solutions -citywide welcome centers,
propane canister bounty

-Meaningful climate resolution amendments
Better local forest management plan

-Regional and integrated transit system 24/7

-Urban growth boundary directed density planning

-Affordable Workforce Housing

-Small and tiny home strategies

-Find $80 road-debt solution

-ADA, curb ramp access production plan,
complete sidewalks, Safe Streets

-Reconstruct VisitBend contract

-Create Charter Review Committee

-Facilitate the Suicide Prevention conversation

-Resolve Downtown Parking issues

-Eliminate downtown exclusion zone

-Slow Wall Street Freeway

-Protect Troy Field from development

-Revenue recoop: charge businesses
for excess use of public service